Music:  "God Bless the USA"
             Composer:  Lee Greenwood 1983
                    Artist: Lee Greenwood

         Excerpts of  President Bush's 9/11/2001 
             speech  and Television broadcasts
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Free Portraits of Fallen Soldiers
       "Long Day"
Artist: Kaziah Hancock
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In Memory of Those Who Died
           at Virginia Tech  
              April 16, 2007
In Memory of The Davidian Massacre
                     Waco, Texas
                   April 19, 1993
In Memory  of  All  Those Who Died
              September 11, 2001
In Memory Of  Pearl High School
            Pearl, Mississippi
              October 1, 1997
In Memory of  Red Lake High School               Red Lake, Minnesota
                 March 21, 2005

In Memory of The  Federal Building
       Oklahoma City, OKklahoma
                   April 19, 1995
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In Memory of West Side Middle School
            Jonesboro, Arkansas
                March 24, 1998
In Memory of ALL ThoseWho  Fought and Died In  IRAQ
  In Memoryof   West Nickel Mines School
               Bart Township, Pennsylvania
                         October 2, 2006
In Memory of North Ilinois University
                        DeKalb, IL
                  February 14 2008
In Memory of ALL ThoseWho Fought and Died In  Vietnam

   Kim Phuc - Vietnam Napalm
Trang Bang, South Vietnam 1972

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Vietnam War Veterans Memorial
Vietnam Wall
World War II Memorial
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In Memory of Columbine  High School
             Columbine, Colorado
                  April 20, 1999

In Memory  of Omaha Mall Massacre
                 Omaha, Nebrasksa
                  December 5, 2007
                                                PROJECT COMPASSION
                                           Soldier Fund

I wanted to give a gift of the heart, from one American to another.   A gift that says, someone gives a damn.

I love you, here, it's not much, but it's painted with love, of your        dear one.

                  Kaziah Hancock   
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Korea The Forgotten War
The Gulf War
"God Bless Them All"
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